General Q's

Are you sustainable?

Sustainability has always been the number one priority at Four Elevens.
From ethically Australian Made hoodies and sweatshirts, our limited stock levels, even down to our 100% recyclable / compostable packaging and thank you cards – social and ethical responsibility has always been the top priority for our teeny tiny small business. 

We ensure to work with manufactures in Australia who have high ethical and sustainable standards, partnerships and certifications. You can read more about this over on our ethics & sustainability page

Are your products gender neutral?

They sure are! All of our clothing is designed to be gender neutral and worn by anyone who would like to. Our size guides can be found on our product pages.

Do you design and embroider everything yourself?

Absolutely! At Four Elevens, we love creating unique handmade products, as every single sweatshirt is one of a kind. Every single thread on your sweatshirt has been individually embroidered by Four Elevens founder, Danielle.

Danielle creates every design from scratch, digitises the design into software, and uses her lil tiny domestic embroidery machine to individually embroider every single sweatshirt. Each individual sweatshirt takes approximately one to two working hours to create.
Blood threads and tears!

How should I look after my embroidered sweatshirt / hoodie?

To keep your items in the softest, best possible condition:

- Avoid using bleach
- Hang-dry for longer life
- Wash inside out and seperately
- Avoid using tumble dryers to avoid shrinkage
- Use a low temperature when machine washing
- Do not wash with other garments to avoid scratching
- To keep it soft, avoid using fabric softener / conditioner

The use of fabric softeners can actually make your clothes feel less soft and fluffy, because fabric softener residue tends to build up on them over time :(

Hoodies, sweatshirt fabrics, printing and embroidery may also suffer damage due to these chemicals, so it is best to avoid them!

Can I watch any videos of the design process / embroidery?

Love this! If you head over to our instagram @four_elevens and our tiktok @fourelevens we regularly film and post production videos - and keep an eye out on our IG stories as we may be packing your order and filming the whole process too

What is on the back of the embroidery design?

All of our embroidery is backed by stabiliser, and we have various stabiliser types for each design. A stabiliser / stabilizer (also referred to as backing) is essential for embroidery. Stabiliser is used to support the fabric during the stitching process to avoid puckering or stretching from occurring.

Our sweatshirts have either cutaway, tearaway or iron-on stabiliser on the back of our designs. Do not try to rip these off or cut them as this may damage your sweatshirt and the embroidery design!

Can I iron my embroidered sweatshirt?

If you need to iron, avoid steam and do not place the iron directly onto the embroidered area. Instead, use a pressing cloth over the embroidery.
If you notice any puckering around the design over time, gently iron over the design with a pressing cloth and it will look good as new!

Shipping Q's

Where do you ship?

We currently ship to Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, UK & Europe.
Most items sent via Australia Post are internally delivered to:

- New Zealand via New Zealand Post
- US via the United States Postal Service (USPS)
- Canada via Canada Post
- UK via Royal Mail

If you would like to see a current estimate of how many days international shipping takes, click here for estimated international Australia Post delivery times.

Where do you ship from and who with?

All items ship from Melbourne, Australia, and are sent via Australia Post with tracking information. Orders are embroidered, processed and shipped Monday to Friday, except for Australian public holidays. Please allow 2-7 business days for your order to be processed and ready to ship.

If you would like to see an estimate of how many days standard or express shipping currently takes to an Australian address, click here for estimated domestic Australia Post delivery times and refer to the "From Melbourne" sections.

How much stock is there and will my order be packaged sustainably?

We made the choice to only stock very limited quantities so that nothing more is added to already overflowing landfills, and use 100% recyclable / compostable eco packaging with no additional plastic waste inside your order.

For every order we place with our packaging supplier, they will plant trees in areas in need of reforestation. Click here to learn more!

What is pre-sale?

Pre-sale is when we release a new item early for a limited time, usually a week before launch, so that our customers can have a limited opportunity to get their hands on the product, and shipped to them, before the item is officially live.

What is pre-order / made to order?

Pre-order / made to order items are for our handcrafted embroidered products. Once you place the order and we receive payment, we will start working on getting your sweatshirt embroidered and shipped out to you. We also may film the process of your order being created over on our socials - so keep an eye out! 

How long do pre-order items take to create?

The estimated time for your order to be created, embroidered and shipped out to you is currently 1-3 weeks. Please be aware that any other non pre-order items will not ship until your pre-ordered item has been created, and both items will be sent together.

What if I write the wrong address?

Oops! If you included the wrong address on your order, please email us on our contact page as soon as possible so that we can amend it for you before it is shipped. If you do not contact us by the time we ship your order it will be sent to the address provided.
We do not offer refunds for a mistaken address, so please ensure to double check your information before checking out!

Do you have a shipping policy?

We have a shipping policy which we hope will answer any other questions you may have

What about shipping delays?

Australia Post has warned that COVID-19 disruptions and extreme weather events may cause delays. Assuming we shipped the order at the appropriate time, any delay in arrival would be the result of the shipping company and not Four Elevens.