Ethics & Sustainability

From our ethically Australian Made oversized hoodies and sweatshirts that are locally made in Melbourne, our limited stock levels, in-house embroidery, down to our 100% recyclable / compostable eco-packaging - which is part of a tree planting reforestation program - we want to ensure that your conscious will feel clearer when supporting and wearing our items.

From our second drop in July 2022 onwards, all Four Elevens products are Australian Made certified and our manufacturer are accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia.

All of our hoodies and sweatshirts are created from start to finish in Melbourne, Australia.

With sustainability as our top priority, every drop is limited edition - once it's gone, it's gone. As a small business, we stock very limited quantities of our products so that nothing is added to overflowing landfills, and we pack your order using 100% recyclable / compostable eco packaging with no additional plastic waste.

Throughout our history at Four Elevens, we have only worked with manufacturers who are fighting to minimise the wide range of existent negative issues within the fashion manufacturing sector; such as poor working conditions, pollution, human labour, and animal exploitation.

Although no fashion brand is 100% sustainable or ethical, as the industry principal is not a sustainable one, we are doing our bit to get there and start making a difference in this industry.

At Four Elevens, we dedicate ourselves to be your ethically Australian made, gender neutral, high quality, slow-fashion, clear conscious choice.